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Summary0002772: Determine if bandwidth of waterfall can be expanded up to 20kHz wide
DescriptionWe have a request from a customer to enable the waterfall in DM-780 to expand to 20kHz. Given that the waterfall is based on the rig's AF, there's likely a limit to how useful this may be.

In other words... if the AF bandwidth of a radio is (say) 5kHz wide, as an example... then broadening it to 20kHz has little utility (because there would be nothing above 5kHz). [By comparison, an FM radio stations are given a 16kHz bandwidth and audiophiles often complain that this is not enough bandwidth for true high-fidelity audio. I doubt that the AF bandwidth of ham radio gear was designed for high-fidelity. But we'll see.]

Modern waterfalls in ham radio that are broad-banded are using a pan-adapter that provides access to the full range of the IF (ie. before the operator tunes to a frequency and can hear the AF output).

I've searched some manuals for popular radios and cannot find specs on the bandwidth of the AF (yet). We'll need to get some radio manufacturers to tell us what the AF bandwidth is before considering this change.
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2018-06-20 20:26

administrator   ~0005365

The AF bandwidth is not going to be more than 16 KHz, since audible frequencies aren't that wide. It's usually further filtered for bandwidth. The IC-7610 filters, for instance, can't be set wider than 3.6 KHz in SSB; 8.0 KHz in FM (IIRC).

Maybe this is possible for certain specific rigs. It might (or might not) be worth managing the conditional width of the feature for those radios.


2018-12-01 09:32

administrator   ~0006502

Is this a duplicate of 1630?


2019-06-06 13:36

administrator   ~0008006

Clarification is needed to make progress on this issue.


2019-07-12 04:07

updater   ~0008218

Agree being a duplicate of 1630
As Mike B told, all Radio's are limited to the max Bandwidth via AF.
We can overcome this when we develop an SDR application which supports Pan Adapters / SDR Dongles
2 whole different worlds... AF v.s IF


2019-07-25 14:50

administrator   ~0008269

This is not possible. The AF doesn't have 20 kHz of range.

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