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00027843 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2018-06-25 10:45
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Summary0002784: Logbook: Callsign Lookup configuration doesn't Test Logbook database itself
The "Callsign Lookup" confguration allows users to test the callsign lookup configuration with a callsign of their chosing. But it doesn't fully demonstrate the feature; it doesn't look at the local country database or the Logbook itself, effectively ignoring options that the users has set. What's the point of testing a configuration if the specific configuration the user has supplied wasn't actually tested?
Steps To Reproduce

1) Start up the Logbook
2) Configure only a new database. No other databases should be configured; that is, not only not opened, but not set up for the logbook to open.
3) Use the "Callsign Lookup" command to edit the Callsign Lookup settings so that the methods enabled match the defaults shown in the attached "defaults" screenshot.
4) In the Empty database, use the ALE to add a new entry
5) In the ALE window, enter the callsign "F5JD". Press TAB (or click the "Lookup" button) to lookup the callsign. At this point, the database is empty, so the lookup will end up being resolved by QRZ. Note that the lookup correctly finds "Jose", with accent aigu on the E.

6) Before saving the entry, edit it so that Jose's name is incorrectly spelled. I guess we could make it exactly match the c-circumflex reported here, but it's easy enough to enter "Josxxx". Remember to edit Jose's mailing address on the "Location" tab, too. When you're done, the ALE should look something like the attached screen shot (with different dates and times).

7) Press "add" to save that entry

8) Use the "Callsign Lookup" command in the "Configuration" menu to get to the configuration UI. On the "Enable" tab, disable the QRZ lookup so that "Logbook" and "Country List" are the only enabled meethods. This hsould look like the "NoQRZ" screenshot, attached.
9) In the "Callsign Lookup" dialog, activate the "Lookup Options" tab.
10) On the "Lookup Options" tab, enter "F5JD" in the test callsign field, and press "Lookup".

BUG#1) No record is found. The test check the actual configuration -- it ignores both the Logbook and Country List methods that were configured.
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2018-06-25 10:45


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CallsignLookupConfig.png (26,165 bytes)

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