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00028011 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2020-07-16 04:17
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PlatformIntel i7-5960XOSWindows 10 Professional x64OS Version16299
Summary0002801: Logbook: ALE "worked" indicators don't appear predictably
DescriptionThe "W" worked indicators on the Logbook ALE/ELE window are not made visible in a sensible manner. Maybe some design work is needed here, or perhaps we want to make them completely invisible (always) until their meaning and use can be sorted out.
Steps To ReproduceThe "W" worked indicators on the Logbook ALE/ELE window are not made visible in a sensible manner. Maybe some design work is needed here, or perhaps we want to make them completely invisible (always) until their meaning and use can be sorted out.

1) Fire up the logbook
2) No particular database is required, but one must be opened
3) Press the (+) Add button in the toolbar to open an ALE window
4) Note that "Call", "Locator", and "Country" have "Worked" controls next to them; a white "W" on a bronze background.

BUG#1) There's a "W" button loating in space near the LoTW field, but the LotW field isn't there. What I see is in the FloatingWBug image, attached. Seems like, if the LoTW field is gone, its matching Worked indicator s hould be invisible, too. Does it make sense to show the LoTW worked indicator when we dont' know which LoTW setting applies?

6) Use any command in the "Show:Fields" menu to make a field disappear or reappear.

BUG#2) The field you've edited appears or disappears correctly, but all the "W" buttons have disappeared. What I see is in the GoneWBug image.

BUG#3) At this point, I don't think there's aw ay to get the "W" buttons to reappear without closing and re-opening the ALE.

7) Close the ALE
8) Double-click an existing logbook entry to open the ELE.

BUG#4) There are no "W" buttons. Why not? No way to make them appear.
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Sub-ModuleALE Window
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has duplicate 0001664 closedWA9PIE 5 - Closed w/o Action Logbook - ALE window "W" worked status icon logic wrong. 
related to 0002680 closed Ham Radio Deluxe Documentation: could explain WSI a bit better 
related to 0003583 confirmedWA9PIE 2 - Next Dev List (Holding Area) (W)orked indicators are gone 



2018-07-04 17:16


FloatingWBug.png (38,445 bytes)
FloatingWBug.png (38,445 bytes)
GoneWBug.png (39,854 bytes)
GoneWBug.png (39,854 bytes)


2018-07-05 10:39

administrator   ~0005610

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Rather than fix the "W"... I'd rather see us use the same WSI convention and put the X, check, or yield there.

Also need to use the same logic for WSI in DM-780.


2018-07-06 14:12

developer   ~0005617

Is documentation available that describes the behaviour you'd like implemented?


2018-07-26 00:22

administrator   ~0005831

The most concise documentation about how WSI is intended to work is found here:

This same method (or "function") should be used within the ALE (as described here) and also in DM-780's ALE and/or waterfall.

That said... if the ALE is blank, there should be no WSIs there.

Happy to answer any additional questions.


2018-07-28 13:47

developer   ~0005874

The linked documentation has its own issues; see 2680.

I guess you're saying that the WSI indicator in the ALE that's next to the "Call" entry field should work like the WSI indicator in the "C" column of the DX Cluster. I'm not sure that gives me everything I need, though; the lookups are based on the call, band, and country (and anyhting else?) not just the call. Isn't that correct?

There is a WSI indicator in the ALE near the IOTA fields. I don't see a match for it in the WSI documentation you've linked. How is it meant to work?


2018-12-08 10:14

administrator   ~0006548

No. The "C" column in the DX Cluster stands for "Country" (rather than call).

I'm going to see if I can gather an image to describe how this should work.


2019-05-30 16:53

developer   ~0007963

Switched to "enhnacement" per the team call on 2019-05-30


2019-06-16 17:11

administrator   ~0008102

If we're going to do anything with this at all, these WSIs need to be changed so they follow the convention used in the DX cluster (and referenced here: [Green check-mark, yellow yield sign, red X = confirmed, worked, and not worked respectively]


2019-11-15 08:46

updater   ~0009330

comment from Ronald:

Actually the more I think about it these indicators are kind of redundant. Obviously if you have worked the station before you have also worked the grid, country and Iota. Maybe just the station symbol is all that is necessary. Maybe they should all be removed.

The idea of using the actual "WSI" symbols instead seems like a good idea but is it useful? Also not everybody is running a super computer and as things are added the timely nature of the ALE window to populate quickly may be lost.
Other station are always amazed at how fast I come up with their first name and previous contacts at the start of a QSO. Often they ask what logging software I am using.

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