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Summary0002810: Logbook - DX Cluster Alarms not working when using Wildcards
DescriptionHave setup several alarms, one for each letter of the alphabet, for dxcc countries with that letter.
 i have checked all 4 method boxes, and tested out email and text, both work in TEST. however the only one that seems to work in real time is the one that highlights the spot when it first shows up on the screen. i would like the audible, and the 2 electronic notifications.
Steps To ReproduceIn Logbook go to the DX Cluster Options
Select the Alarms Tab
Add an Alarm for a complete known Call (for testing use one which is currently spotted a lot) and enable the e-mail + Text to Speech
Now ad another with a wildcard (like PA*) and set also the options as above

You should notice the Complete Call will trigger the Alarm, but the Wildcard won't

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