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00028152 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Bugpublic2020-07-02 02:12
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Summary0002815: Logbook: Crashes when painting first column of item in Awards view
DescriptionI don't have a specific repro for this, as it was found by analyzing dumps reported to the Microsoft Dev Center Dashboard. This crash represents about 2% of the reported crashes in the Logbook.

The callstack is attached, given against the 840 build symbols. The crash happens when cloning a string from the awards definition in order to draw the first column of names in the view.

            CAward2Definition *pDefn = pAO->GetAwardsDef();
            if( !pDefn->m_astrAddCommands.IsEmpty() )
                for( int i = 0; i < pDefn->m_astrAddCommands.GetCount(); ++i )
                    CString strLine = pDefn->m_astrAddCommands.GetAt(i);     // line 1125
                    int iFind = strLine.Find(' ');
                    if( iFind >= 0 )

I haven't yet dug into the disassembly to see if it's possible that pDefn is actually NULL. Maybe it can't be, if it was previously dereferenced to get the count. Or, maybe the test for the empty array was optimized with the invariant of the for() loop, since they're similar calls and inline functions are available.

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2018-07-24 19:56


Mantis2815Stack.xlsx (14,840 bytes)


2018-08-22 14:15

developer   ~0005992

Reports of the same crash are coming in against Build 846.

Mantis2815Stack Build 846.xlsx (11,434 bytes)


2018-08-22 15:33

developer   ~0005993

pDefn isn't null; it seems more likely that the pDefn object is bogus or uninitialized. I did a deeper stack trace on the 846 build, and I notice that the very bottom of the stack trace is activating the Awards window from a CXTPTabClient window -- but that gets routed to a CXTPCalendarCaptionBar, which seems pretty weird.

I can't seem to repro that part of the call stack, so I can't yet guess how the user is interacting with the app when this crash occurs.


2018-08-22 15:58

developer   ~0005994

A touch of refactoring -- just collect about 50 lines of copy-pasta in the Awards2View implementation.

Nothing that fixes this issue, tho :(

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