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0002824Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-08-09 21:05
ReporterKB3NPHAssigned ToK7ZCZ 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.876 
Summary0002824: Contact's "STATE" not logging in V6.4.0.873
DescriptionSupport is receiving many reports of the contact't state not appearing in the logbook once saved into their logbook. I have confirmed this situation on many occasions when remoting into contacts system.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open Logbook
2. Create a Layout which will show the "STATE" field
3. Click "ADD" to open ALE
4. Enter "K7ZCZ" in ALE callsign field
5. Click "Lookup" button (in my case XML is lookup option using)
6. Notice after lookup the "State" field is populated in the ALE
7. Click [Update (F7)] button to save contact to logbook
8. Check "State" field for contact in logbook and note that STATE is not populated.

As a further check, export "K7ZCZ" contact to an ADI file. Once the ADI file is created, open the utility "ADIF Master" and look for the contact's "STATE" field in the ADIF Master screen. The "FIELD" for the contact's "STATE" does not appear anywhere in the ADIF fields.

Further verification.

Open the K7ZCZ.adi in Notepad
1. Search for "State" and the only thing that will be found is where the words "United States" appears in the record.
2. Search for "WA" (exact). No "WA" phrase found in the file.

See screenshots and including exported ADI file of entire process

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has duplicate 0002822 closedK7ZCZ Logbook not saving USA State data 



2018-07-31 09:16


K7ZCZ ALE Entry.jpg (418,651 bytes)
k7zcz Log Entry.jpg (143,892 bytes)
k7zcz Log Entry.jpg (143,892 bytes)
K7ZCZ Modify Window.jpg (158,636 bytes)
K7ZCZ Modify Window.jpg (158,636 bytes)
K7ZCZ.ADI (1,404 bytes)


2018-07-31 10:59

viewer   ~0005896

I added this bug in 0002822


2018-08-02 20:36

developer   ~0005907

Something here doesn't add up. When I use the "Add" button to open an ALE and add a record, there's no "Update" button -- the button to close the ALE and save the record says "Add", not "Update".

The button will say "Update" when editing an existing record, but that's not done with the "Add" button in the main Logbook UI.


2018-08-03 19:14

administrator   ~0005912

For the life of me, I cannot replicate this. We have no reliable steps for causing this to happen.

Meanwhile, many customers have reported it.

"Update" is what the F7 button says when you're modifying an existing record.
"Add" is what the buttons says when creating a new record.


2018-08-03 23:48

developer   ~0005913

Right; so Step #7 in the repro steps doesn't match Step #3.

The related bug explains that there's a problem with saving the state on an updated entry. I can repro that, and I can work on fixing it. But it makes me think that this issue actually is not the same as 2822.


2018-08-04 00:16

administrator   ~0005914

The repro steps in 2822 are better than in this record. I could not reproduce it using the steps in this record. But with Tim in TeamViewer tonight, we found the exact steps to replicate this and they're described in 2822.

I would use that case. At the very least, I would ignore the repro steps in this case and use 2822. Regardless, these are duplicates.


2018-08-04 13:04

developer   ~0005926

I think this is fixed with this checkin:


2018-08-09 03:20


Test Case Results v6.4.0.875 beta.pdf (42,340 bytes)


2018-08-09 03:20

viewer   ~0005950

I can reproduce the issue with 873 (as per the repro steps in 2822). Defect appears to be fixed in this release. Ran my usual set of Logbook API tests as well and all test pass. Results attached.


2018-08-09 03:36

viewer   ~0005951

The issue is fixed as detailed above.
However, if I add the field 'State' to the Logbook layout there are a number of QSOs showing 'State' data populated from stations outside of the States.
To show only US States I have to add the 'State Name' field instead.
No big deal for me as I do not normally have the State field showing anyway.


2018-08-09 04:14

viewer   ~0005955

I regularly store values other than US State abbreviations in State, and always have it visible in the grid. E.g: Australian State abbreviations - we use 'em too <grin> - as well as Italian/Spanish provinces, Japanese prefectures etc. I wouldn't like State to be restricted to US States only. <grin>


2018-08-09 21:05

administrator   ~0005958

Closed as part of the 875 beta... 876 release.

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