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00028291 - BacklogBugpublic2019-06-20 14:57
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Summary0002829: Digital Master Stored SSTV images won't auto refresh.
DescriptionWhen images come in and are added automatically or are deleted manually, the images don't refresh correctly. The screen does attempt to refresh, but it usually puts what looks like little blanks in the middle of the images or randomly puts others in. Pressing the Refresh link, gets them back
Steps To ReproduceMake sure you receive some SSTV images in Digital Master (our own SSTV Module, not MMSSTV)
When clicking the Received images Tab, delete one or two images.
Not that the screen does not correctly refreshes
Additional InformationTicket #830312
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2018-08-06 07:27


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2019-06-20 14:57

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Updated to bug during 6/20/2019 meeting.

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