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00028301 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2019-06-16 11:12
ReporterKC7FPFAssigned ToKC7FPF 
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Summary0002830: Notification of HRD Version in Macro Tags
DescriptionUsing the version information in a Macro it saying : HRD + DM78Ø v6.4.Ø.873 Release 6.4.Ø.873
In a qso its double information.
Just giving a string like : HRD + DM78Ø v6.4.Ø.873 is enough
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2019-06-15 12:18

administrator   ~0008077

Please provide a clear explanation of this problem, along with a repro case that demonstrates the issue.


2019-06-16 11:12

updater   ~0008095

As you can see this was well over a year ago. Currently HRD is well past the release of HRD. Have not heard any additional comments related to this. I suggest the close this item.

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