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Summary0002843: Logbook: allows same database back-end store to be used multiple times at the same time
1) Fire up the logbook
2) Click on the Manager button in the main toolbar to launch the Databases Manager
3) Use the "ODBC administrator" button to add a new Access database. Store it wherever you'd like; name it whatever you'd like.
4) Use the "Add" button in the "Logbook Databases" dialog to add a new database using the ODBC connection you built in Step 3.
5) Use the "Add" button in the "Logbook Databases" dialog again, adding a new database with a different name than Step 4, but the same ODBC data source as Step 3.

The Logbook thinks this configuration is fine; in a way, it is. But the problem is that the user can end up opening the same ODBC database more than once in the logbook, and that is quite confusing for users. They feel like the name shown in the Logbook (which is the name specified creating the connection, in Step 4 or Step 5, not the ODBC data source name from Step 3) is the name of the database. If the names are different, they think the connections (or tabs, in the UI) represent different databases.

They'll notice that adding a record to one database adds a record to the other at the same time; or that deleting or editing one does the same operation in the other.

To resolve this issue, we need to do some design and make some decisions about UI. How can we detect duplicate stores when ODBC insulates the application from the physical details of the connection? How should we inform users of the error in existing configurations? What's the best way to indicate to users that they've created (or are creating) a bogus configuration, and prevent them from doing so?
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2018-08-16 19:42

developer   ~0005982

This screenshot shows two databases configured against the same Access back-end. "HRD Access Bogus" and "HRD Access Good" are both referencing the "MS Access Database" ODBC config, and therefore using the same Access database instance.

BadConfig.png (16,970 bytes)
BadConfig.png (16,970 bytes)

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