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00028572 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Bugpublic2020-07-02 02:12
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Summary0002857: Logbook: Crash while uploading to LOTW
DescriptionNot a strong repro case because this comes from the Dev Dashboard. We find a stack where the user crashes while updating the LOTW account from the Logbook.

The code in question is reached like this. A working LOTW account is required, and that requires some set up in the Logbook application.

1) Open a Logbook database
2) Select at least on record
3) Use the "More" button in the database view toolbar
4) In the dropdown, use the "Upload" command in the "LOTW" tear-off

The resulting window has an "Upload" button.

The call stack shows that command being processed and looping through the selected records. There might be some change in the rows store while this loop is running, or there could be a change in selection, too -- but it seems like the application encounters a bad pointer returned from the row store as the loop tries to run.

A spreadsheet with the populated call stack is attached.

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2018-08-24 12:36


Mantis2857Stack.xlsx (15,254 bytes)

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