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Summary0002883: Calbook ( should not override UDP API supplied value for grid
DescriptionQSOs entered via the UDP QSO Forwarding API go through a callbook lookup when the Lookup Missing Fields on Receive box is checked. However, the grid locator supplied by that lookup may not be the same one supplied by the logged station during the QSO. Where a non empty grid locator is supplied by the API, the callbook lookup should never override this value.
Steps To ReproduceLog a QSO via the API where the grid square reported by the DX station is different from the one recorded in the callbook (ie
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2018-09-08 00:54

reporter   ~0006133

Dan makes a good point regarding the grid locator. A non-empty locator value being forwarded by WSJT-X should always be logged as the actual location for the contact - not the location of record for their home station.

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