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0002892Ham Radio DeluxeMaintenancepublic2018-09-28 21:42
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.888 
Summary0002892: Logbook build 886 30 Day Solar data url has changed
DescriptionThe link to the site we are getting the 30 Day Solar Data has changed.
The new link is

The old link that is in HRD, shut down on Sept 5th.
Steps To ReproduceOpen logbook
View > Solar Cycle > Display
See it ain't update anymore

Additional InformationTicket #801307
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Testing Beta Successful



2018-09-13 17:39

developer   ~0006205

Looks like this URL:

is the one no longer managed. I've replaced it in the Logbook, as well as in DM780 with this checkin:

Hopefully, the issue is addressed. The repro steps tell me to look for something that's not happening, which guarantees that I won't see it.

I've also tracked down this URL at the same site:

which seems to have been replaced by this one:

so I've replaced that in the applications, too.

Note that both URLs are used by both DM780 and Logbook.


2018-09-28 03:18

viewer   ~0006235

Ticket #904300
30 day solar cycle - FIXED
Solar Cycle Progression - BROKEN "maybe you can give this a 2nd look"


2018-09-28 07:49

developer   ~0006238

I can't understand what you're saying, Ferry. Is this fixed, or not?


2018-09-28 07:52

viewer   ~0006239

Partial... the 30 Day Solar cycle is fixed
But the Solar Cycle Progression is still broken (maybe you want a separate Mantis for that?)


2018-09-28 07:56

developer   ~0006240

You should provide repro steps. Your repro steps should explain what you're doing, what you expect to see, and what you see instead. Without that information, I don't know what to investigate.


2018-09-28 10:51


solar cycle.JPG (69,827 bytes)
solar cycle.JPG (69,827 bytes)


2018-09-28 10:51

viewer   ~0006243

This is what I see. It does not look right.


2018-09-28 18:03

developer   ~0006247

Last edited: 2018-09-28 18:05

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"Does not look right" doesn't help me much. Can you please be more specific? What do you specifically expect to see, and what do you actually see? How are they different?

The new URL is here:
The old URL is here:

Can you tell me how the data at these resources is different?


2018-09-28 18:31

developer   ~0006248

OK, I've got it sorted. There's HRD utility code that gets a web page -- but doesn't work with FTP URLs. I've reverted to the old URL until I have the time to write code to get a file over FTP. Hopefully, NOAA won't quit publishing the HTTP page any time soon.


2018-09-28 18:34

developer   ~0006249

Fixed with this checkin


2018-09-28 21:42

administrator   ~0006252

Resolved as part of the 888 build.

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