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Summary0002896: Insert of " Local Station Data" Data During ADIF Import Does not Insert All Info
DescriptionThe ADIF import function has a check box that states "Insert Local Station Information on Import".

During a recent ADIF import, the Antennas Field was not updated, even though this box is checked. While Antennas is not an ADIF field, I would expect this data to be retrieved from the current My Station information if the box is checked.
Steps To ReproduceChoose a My Station configuration with the Antennas field populated.
Import an ADIF.
Hit Refresh.
Examine an imported record.
The Antennas field will not have been populated during the import.
Additional InformationPower was also not inserted. However, this is a more complicated case as the ADIF spec allows for TX_POWER. If there is no value for TX_POWER in the ADIF record, the one defined in the current My Station should be used.

If there is a value for TX_POWER in the ADIF record, the one present in the ADIF should prevail.
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