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Summary0002904: Rig Control - Custom Parralell Port Addresses not showing
DescriptionFrom Ticket# 392937

I and others are using PCI Express add-in cards with LPT parallel ports to control some of our equipment. Contrary to popular belief, this is not ancient technology, as their are many of folks still using this type of control. The problem is that the LPT port manager in HRD rig control does not support some of the higher address ranges that are used in PCIe cards. For example, see my LPT port address. It is CFF8. Then, look at the addresses supported by the Parallel Port Manager. CFF8 is not one of the supported addresses.
My request is for HRD to modify the LPT port manager to include these address ranges, or, better yet, allow us to type in the LPT port address into the Parallel Port Manager.
Thanks, and this would be very much appreciated.
Steps To ReproduceGo to Windows Device Manager.
Edit the properties of your LPT Port - set it to CFF8
Start Rig Control
Open Tools > Hardware > Parallel Port > Manager
Note that CFF8 isn't showing.
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