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00029061 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2018-09-24 12:59
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Summary0002906: Right click options in DM-780
DescriptionWhen working in just about any digital mode when I see a station call CQ, I right click on his callsign, from the menu that appears I select "Callsign" and all my macros and logbook will properly reflect his callsign. However, when he says his name is Mike, and the name that his callsign lookup came back with from his FCC license says, John M Linn, any macro that I've included "First Name" will be John not Mike, the name that he goes by. Can, at some point, "First Name" be added to the right click menu so that any macro with "First Name" would address the other ham by their preferred name? When working in PSK-63 things move fast and getting as many little things right really makes a macro driven contact seem a little more personal. Even in slower modes like Olivia 8/250, it's just nice to have things right without having to run back and correct things before the letters get sent. Maybe this can get added in some future version on DM-780.
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