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Summary0002907: Investigate IC-7410 rig control commands
DescriptionA user reports the following:

"my ICOM IC-7410 has obvious errors with HRD.
For example (I don't remember which) changing the TX bass or TX treble will cause the screen to go dark.
There are other problems as well, but as a BSEE with 30+ years of experience, I can tell you this is a crap implementation."

We should investigate the commands for this radio (and the IC-7400).
Steps To ReproduceChanging the TX bass or TX treble and observe the results to the screen.
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TagsIC-7410, ICOM
ModuleRig Control
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2019-01-27 17:22

administrator   ~0007092

I have been reporting this issue for over a year. Please see the attached email from you. I am also sending some pictures here. Also, the radio has only one firmware release, so it is running the latest and only firmware. The radio was reset to factory defaults and everything re-entered. It exhibits no issues other than when running with HRD.

Pic 1 – Shows the HRD version I am running: the latest. Although I didn’t see the 7410 mentioned in the release notes, I was hopeful.

Pic 2 – Shows my LCD backlight at 75% brightness

Note when I open HRD, it shows my TX Treble at 5. This is not correct, it is not reading the right register. The actual value in the radio is 0 (no treble boost). No picture.

Pic 3 – Shows that when I move the TX Treble slider all the way to minimum, the backlight on my radio goes dark.

The only way to recover it is through the radio menu.

Pic 4 – As the screen goes dark, the band-edge beep level is also reduced to minimum (from 50%). I had to first restore the back-light to show this on the radio.

Pic 5 – Shows the slider moved all the way to the left, which is what makes my screen dark and my beep-level go to minimum.

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