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0002910Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-11-11 22:33
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.902 
Summary0002910: Double City entry in ALE QTH field at lookup.
DescriptionWhen opening the ALE in Logbook and doing a call lookup, often the City is showed twice in the QTH field.
Mainly with US stations.
Steps To Reproducein Logbook open ALE
Do a Call sign lookup (ie WA9PIE)
Look at the populated QTH field and see 2 times the city Prosper.
See also attached screenshot.
Additional InformationTicket #391382
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Sub-ModuleALE Window
Testing Beta Successful



2018-10-01 02:12


QTH.png (97,633 bytes)
QTH.png (97,633 bytes)


2018-10-22 15:49

developer   ~0006326

fix spelling in title for easier searching


2018-10-22 15:52

developer   ~0006327

This is fixed with the checkin below.

Turns out a table of values is used when handling lookup results. Some sections of the application use ADDR2 for what is displayed as the QTH. Other parts of the application compute and use their own QTH. I've set it straight, but we could use a bit more work in thsi area to try and make the code consistent and (much!) easier to maintain.


2018-11-05 12:00

viewer   ~0006380

Fixed in build 900

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