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00029121 - BacklogBugpublic2018-10-04 07:42
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Summary0002912: LOTW Upload Window Hides Itself
DescriptionWhen upload records to LOTW, the upload window hides itself. The user must click the current Logbook window to cause the upload window to reappear and only then can the user select "Finish".
Steps To ReproduceOpen Logbook
Selecdt records to upload to LOTW
Upload records and window will disappear
Click on the Logbook window frame and the upload window will reappear.
Additional InformationQuery in HRD Beta group of members...W4PG indicates that it happens to him sometimes, but not consistently.
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2018-10-04 07:42

reporter   ~0006273

I was contacted by W3RJW who pointed out that this is a very old bug and was previously reported in Mantis 457. OK to merge the 2 reports.

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