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00029151 - BacklogMaintenancepublic2019-08-01 04:15
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Summary0002915: Partial and Exact buttons on ALE no longer working
DescriptionTicket #454426 In the past couple releases we have had customers complaining that the "Partial" and the "Exact" buttons on the ALE are no longer providing the logbook lookups as they did in past releases.
Steps To ReproduceSteps to replicate.
1. Open ALE
2. Make sure you are on the "Logbook" tab above the toolbar on the lower half of the ALE screen.
3. Depress the "Exact" button on the toolbar
4. Type a callsign in the "CALL" field of the ALE.

In previous versions, when the "Exact' button was depressed prior to entering the callsign in the "call" field, after the call was fully entered HRD would automatically do the lookup in the logbook and display all the logbook QSOs with the call entered. The way it is now, in order to display all QSOs with the call entered in the Call field, you have to enter the full call then you have to hit the "FIND" button located to the right of the "Call" field in order for the QSOs with the call entered to be displayed in the lower window of the ALE.

In previous versions, if you depressed the "Partial" button as you entered each character in the "Call" field of the ALE, all QSOs beginning with the characters added to the Call field would be displayed in the lower part of the ALE. Example, if the first character entered in the Call field was a "K", all QSOs with callsigns beginning with "K" would be displayed, if you added a "2" to the Call field, all contacts with "K2" would be displayed and so on until the full callsign was entered and only the contacts with that full callsign would be displayed.

I certainly hope this procedure to replicate the problem isn't to complex to understand. It's really quite simple to reproduce just by following the above instructions.

It's the same way if you depress the "Partial" button. If you
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has duplicate 0002924 closedg3ucq 5 - Closed w/o Action The Partial button in the ALE no longer works 
has duplicate 0003096 closedK7ZCZ 5 - Closed w/o Action Add support for partial callsign lookup 



2018-10-26 09:15

administrator   ~0006348

This has also been reported in Mantis ID 0002924. This issue also appears to be related to an issue reported in OSTicket #901202 and is affecting the Lookup Pane in Logbook in HRD version There is too much detail and too many screenshots in the OSTicket to post into this Mantis report, but if the developer who is handling this issue will check in OSTicket #901202 the steps to replicate along with other information will be obvious that the Partial and Exact buttons in the ALE should NOT affect the lookups done from the Lookup Pane in the logbook. This issue is causing a lot of confusion and complaints from clients.


2018-10-29 07:00

updater   ~0006353

Ticket #901392
Also strange behavior in the Lookup pane
For example I took GS3PYE/P which is a confirmed QSO (LoTW) see A.jpg
Now entering the call in the Lookup pane, no data is shown... See B.jpg

A.jpg (41,670 bytes)
A.jpg (41,670 bytes)
B.jpg (150,526 bytes)
B.jpg (150,526 bytes)


2018-12-21 05:59

updater   ~0006770

Having to press the Lookup button in the ALE is not mentioned above.
With Lookup pressed and highlighted the Option is working for me.


2019-07-14 09:56

updater   ~0008231

It has to do with the /P
QRZ will redirect to the normal call, and ignoring it as worked.


2019-07-14 11:41

administrator   ~0008232

Ferry, please open a separate Mantis issue for your concerns about the lookup pane. The Lookup pane is not at all related to this issue, and it will be easier to document and track the issues separately in Mantis.


2019-08-01 04:15

updater   ~0008311

I Won't / can't create new Mantis issues as Long the Attachments feature is broken in Mantis.

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