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Summary0002926: New and altered IOTA data in Logbook

There are some changes/additions in the IOTA designators (see link above)
Customer worked a station in IOTA NA-249P but it is not in the list.
Steps To ReproduceOpen ALE
Open the IOTA List dropdown
Look for NA-249 It is not there.

Additional InformationTicket #874915

Changes where made, use the link
for those.

The file was provided by the IOTA site on RSGB in XML format (filename: fulllist.xml). Periodically, we downloaded it and made the update. It seems that there are new entries to this list.

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2019-02-15 11:02

administrator   ~0007401

We've had a few more tickets on this topic and we should address it.


2019-03-23 07:26

administrator   ~0007724

Ticket #827216 just received about when and how the IOTA in HRD would be updated.


2019-04-09 11:18

developer   ~0007845

Where can I find documentation on the suggested API?


2019-04-09 12:05

developer   ~0007846

I've dug around on their site a bit, and this is all I can find:

so I've written the email address given there to request information about their API, licensing, and acceptable use.


2019-04-11 05:18

developer   ~0007847

I got in touch with the IOTA team. A given API key is good for only 1000 queries per day, so we'll need to build a reflector -- in the same way we have for the solar weather data. We'll need to decide how that works, how often it updates, and how it is monitored.

Architecturally, we'll need to figure out how to handle the format change; the existing code expects an XML format for IOTA data, while the new format is JSON. Does the forwarding service provide XML, or JSON, or a completely new format? It's not much fun parsing JSON in C++, so it seems like we should stick with XML or invent our own format -- seems like CSV would be fine, and simpler and faster than XML. Either way, if we're not sending JSON to the applications, then we need to have code translate the JSON into the redistributed format rather than simply serve a specific file.

I'm not sure how these decisions should/would be addressed by the team.


2019-05-10 18:31

administrator   ~0007929

Doesn't this API essentially build the list? And if so, can't we build the list once... at the time we compile code?


2019-05-12 20:52

developer   ~0007931

If we build the list when the code is complied, then we won't pick up changes until the next version is compiled. Customers won't pick up the changes until the next time they install a new version. Building new versions of code to accommodate changes in external data doesn't seem like a good pattern to me.

Plus, as I detail above, the API produces data in a format that we're not prepared to consume.


2019-05-13 12:57

developer   ~0007932

Attached are the IOTA docs I was sent. They're very scant--in particular, no meaningful definitions for each field in the data that's provided by the API.

On our side, we don't have any documentation for the existing IOTA XML format, or for any of the IOTA features themselves. This means we have to go through the code to figure out what the data does and what it's used for. Then, we'll need to get data from the new IOTA API and compare it to what we can infer about the old XML format to see if there's a direct replacement or not ... or if some translation is needed.


2019-05-13 12:58

developer   ~0007933

second try at the attachment ...


2019-05-13 12:59

developer   ~0007934

Looks like attachments aren't working right for me :(


2019-11-29 04:27

updater   ~0009479

Ticket # 244581

Customer comment:
If maintaining the IOTA list is considered an enhancement it would be nice if I could manually enter this information. Otherwise I can't maintain an accurate log.

Also, here are more IOTA's that are missing from the list.
EU-192 OJ9, SM Kataja/Inakari Island

NA-249 KP3, 4 Puerto Rico's Coastal Islands
NA-250 KL Yakutat Borough group

OC-297 FO Morane Atoll
OC-298 FO Tatakoto Atoll
OC-299 V6 Yap East Group
OC-300 T31 McKean and Nikumaroro Atolls

SA-101 CE0 Juan Fernandez Archip (Alejandro Selkirk)


2019-12-02 00:24


response.json (1,356,459 bytes)


2019-12-02 00:24

administrator   ~0009484

Going back to the post I made regarding the API key, I'm attaching the resulting json file.

We need to add this to the build script so that this is pulled and updated whenever we do a build. We just need to figure out how to ingest the json file as attached.

This replaces a file in resource called something like iota.xml.



2019-12-05 17:49

administrator   ~0009488

Last edited: 2019-12-05 17:50

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Basically, one of these things is what needs to happen:

Option 1:
- at the time of build, we hit this URL with this API key
- obtain the json file
- reformat it into the format currently in Logbook - OR modify Logbook to consume the json file directly
- add it into the build as a resource
- done

Option 2:
- we modify Logbook so that it can consume the json file directly
- we let Logbook update the IOTA file in a similar way as how the Country List gets updated now
- done
(this gets the updates to the users more quickly without the need for a new build; the downside is that it could expose our API key)

I'm not sure I have a preference. But option 2 has an added benefit.



2020-02-04 05:58

administrator   ~0009579

Ticket #672294 also indicates NA-249 missing from our current IOTA List.


2020-04-08 05:45

updater   ~0009662

New Ticket #669380

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