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0002931Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-11-11 00:34
ReporterK7ZCZAssigned ToK7ZCZ 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.4.0.899 
Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.902 
Summary0002931: Logbook: "Selection" pane choice isn't highlighted when re-opened, but still applied
The "Selection" setting applies a filtering query to the rows in the logbook. When the Logbook application re-opens after being closed, the selection setting is applied to the rows shown in the logbook view, but no visual indication is given that a selection is applied--leaving the user potentially confused about why all of their data isn't being displayed.

The layout restoration code should be fixed to highlight the applied "selection" in the pane, so the user has a visual que that there is a filter in place. Or, the selection should not be re-applied when the layout is restored.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open the Logbook application
2) Open your favorite database
3) In the view for that database, activate the "Selection" group in the "Display" pane
4) Chose any limiting query -- something that shows less than all of the rows in your database
5) Close the logbook
6) Open the logbook again. Your database and view should be restored
7) activate the "Display" pane and expand the "Selection" group

BUG#1) The rows are still filtered from the database, but the "Selection" pane shows no active filter. This is confusing -- it implies that no filter is active, but rows will be missing from the display because a filter actually is active.

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Testing Beta Successful



2018-11-03 09:51

developer   ~0006366

fixed with this checkin


2018-11-06 00:24

administrator   ~0006392

I tried and cannot figure out how to repeat these steps.


2018-11-06 08:53

developer   ~0006395

Is there a question I can answer about the repro steps?


2018-11-08 23:44

administrator   ~0006412

I'm not able to find the "Selection pane."


2018-11-09 18:27

developer   ~0006414

The Selection group is in the Display pane. The display pane appears to the left of the records list in each Logbook database view. This screenshot shows the Display pane prominently, with the "CW" query selected within the "Selection" group.

With the "CW" query selected, only records matching that query are displayed. We can clearly see the orange highlight around the "CW" choice in the Selection group, so we know there is a query active. The problem this bug resolves is that, at restart, a query might be applied, but the Selection group doesn't show anything highlighted -- so it's not apparent to the user that the rows in the Logbook database view are being filtered.

SelectionGroup.png (70,848 bytes)
SelectionGroup.png (70,848 bytes)


2018-11-09 21:41

administrator   ~0006415

Ok, now that I understand it... I was able to test it and I can confirm that it exhibited the desired behavior.

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