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00029322 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Bugpublic2020-07-02 02:11
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Summary0002932: Logbook: confusing design around "Selection" pane and "Query" settings

The Logbook's "Display" panel features a "Selection" group. This group incldues a list of queries; some pre-defined, some user-defined and editable.

Turns out the query can be modified by using the "Query" command in the "Logbook" menu. This isn't intuitive, since the name "Query" doesn't seem related to the name "Selection".

The queries can be edited by right-clicking in the "Selection" pane. Editing a specific query there shows the same UI as the "Query" menu choice. The dialog box, via either access path, is titled "Modify Selection".

The choice of "Selection" seems pretty dubious; "Query" is probably a better name. Regardless of what's chosen, the menu command should match the UI title so that there's a visual cue that the command is related to the visible feature.
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related to 0003191 new 4 - Business Priorities V6.5.0.195 BETA "Logbook > File > Edit Selections > Manager" 
related to 0000493 newWA9PIE 1 - Backlog Logbook Edit Selections show all Problem 


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