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00029331 - BacklogBugpublic2018-11-05 15:03
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Summary0002933: Quick Save doesn't save the mode
DescriptionWhen creating a "quick save", it saves the frequency but not the mode. It shows: ", NONE."

When clicking on a quick save it appears to default to LSB, which is obviously a problem on 20 meters and above.
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ModuleRig Control
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2018-11-05 15:03

developer   ~0006390

I've got Rig Control connected to my TS-590SG.

1) Make sure the "Display" command in the "Favorites" menu is not marked so that favorites aren't shown on the tuning bars.
2) Make sure the "Display" command in the "Quick Save" menu is marked so that quick save stations are shown in the tuning bars.
3) Tune to 21.060, setting mode to CW. Drop a quick save marker with CTRL+Q.
4) Tune to 14.100, setting mode to USB. Drop a quick save marker with CTRL+Q.
5) Tune to 14.200, setting mode to LSB. Drop a quick save marker with CTRL+Q.
6) Tune to 14.300, setting mode to FM. Drop a quick save marker with CTRL+Q.

When I use the mouse to click any of the quick save markers created, the radio tunes to the desired frequency and sets the expected mode.

Maybe the issue you're having is specific to a certain radio, or you're using the feature in a different way. If you can write up repro steps, then I can try them out and have a look into what's going on. Until then, I'm not able to approach a fix.

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