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0002940Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-01-16 22:05
Assigned ToK7ZCZ 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.183 
Summary0002940: Logbook: Don't ship HRD001.DLL
DescriptionThis DLL is a failed attempt to build a relational database, and a corresponding C-level API, around the Logbook database. It's hopelessly flawed, doesn't work, isn't used by the application itself, isn't tested, and isn't documented.

We're better off not shipping it at all.
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related to 0003041 new 3 - Current Dev List Remove HRDLog001 project from the build 



2018-11-11 15:04

manager   ~0006423

The HRDLog001 project is disabled in the build as of this checkin:

Need to actually trim it out of setup, too, and maybe modify the build script.


2018-11-11 20:44

manager   ~0006425

This was checked in to the 6.5 branch to remove HRDLog001 from the install scripts.


2018-12-21 00:43

administrator   ~0006758



2019-01-06 14:20

manager   ~0006892

This checkin removes the HRDLog001 project and its code from our source tree.


2019-01-06 14:49

manager   ~0006894

This checkin reverts the previous removal. Turns out there are some dependencies from DM780 on the HRDLog001 code, even though HRDLog001 isn't built directly. It looks like there is a lot of dead code that can be removed once HRDLog001 is actually removed from the project.

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