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0002943Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-11-23 15:11
ReporterKB3NPHAssigned ToK7ZCZ 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.907 
Summary0002943: FT-718nd Power on/off not working in V6.4.0.902
DescriptionTicket #198496 Customer reports that the rig on/off function from HRD Rig Control is not working in V6.4.0.902. It worked just fine in previous versions but has stopped working in 903.

When the customer shuts down HRD Rig Control, he is prompted with the "Power Off on Radio". When he selects "Yes" Rig Control continues to shut down but does NOT turn the radio off as it use to.

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ModuleRig Control
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2018-11-20 09:13

administrator   ~0006434

This is fixed in the 6.4 code base with this checkin:


2018-11-20 10:14

administrator   ~0006435

Merged to 6.5 in this checkin


2018-11-23 13:15

administrator   ~0006449

This item was marked FIV for the 905 build. I'm unsure if this change was included in the 907 release. Therefore, I'm removing the FIV value for now.

If we find that it was included in the 907 release, I'll update FIV to the 907 release.

If not, we'll update FIV to the beta build number that this change gets tested in.


2018-11-23 15:10

administrator   ~0006450

Feedback I see indicates that this was in the 907 release. It’s untested. That’s not a problem. I’ll note that. We can come back to this if we find that the problem still exists.

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