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0002960Ham Radio DeluxeMaintenancepublic2019-11-08 02:32
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Summary0002960: DM-780 Data Controller
DescriptionFor 2+ years I have been requesting the Data Controller option in DM-780 removed, but it has fallen on deaf ears. The Data Controller was put into DM-780 about 4 years ago to try to support the Timewave/AEA PK232 series TNCs. From day one, this option has NEVER worked. For the years since, it has caused more support requests than almost any other issue we run into with the software. At first, the "Auto-Connect" option in the Data Controller pane was checked by default. When this was checked, people would get an error when starting DM-780 indicating the connection to the port was not allowed. Finally Mike B removed the default check mark and that slowed down the support requests, however t did not resolve the problem completely.

Many users, even those using the SignaLink USB think they are using a TNC or Data Controller, so they open that pane and check that "Auto-Connect" option, which only generates the "Access Denied" error, so they open a support ticket about it. It waists a support techs time to respond to these unnecessarily generated errors and support requests.

Over the past 2 years, I have talked with Randy on several occasions, the latest being just this past fall while doing the remote demo for the HRO store in Milwaukee, WI. Timewave has been working on a re-write of the old PacRATT software and had plans on interfacing that with DM-780 for support of the Timewave/AEA TNCs. As of the HRO show, according to Randy, there is no timeline as to when this rewrite will be completed. Still, Randy doesn't feel we should remove that Data Controller option from DM as it will be the groundwork for interfacing the PacRATT software to DM once it is completed.

It's my opinion along with the other support techs that at the very least, this Data Controller option in DM-780 should be "hidden" from view of the end users so it doesn't cause a lot of unnecessary errors resulting in support requests.

PLEASE take this into serious consideration for the next and future builds of HRD, at least until such time that Timewave completes their software rewrite and it could then become a functional part of DM-780.

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As far as I can tell, this is a duplicate of 1959


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Unable to test


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Validated as part of 0001959.

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