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0002963Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-01-16 22:04
Reporterg3yppAssigned ToK7ZCZ 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.183 
Summary0002963: Icom Memory Management function erroneously reporting failute to update
DescriptionI've noticed a problem with the "Icom Memory Keyer" under Tools>Memory Management.

After changing the contents of a keyer memory and pressing the update button - although the memory on the rig is updated successfully a failure dialogue box appears.

The function actually works fine and reads and updates the keyer memories on my IC-7600.

 I can't say that this has just appeared in this release - it's a while since I used it.
Steps To ReproduceGo to Tools>Memory Management>Icom Memory Keyer

After memories have been read, change text in any memory
Press "Apply"

Dialogue box opens but rig is successfully updated
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ModuleRig Control
Sub-ModuleRig Control
Testing Beta Successful


related to 0001315 closed 5 - Closed w/o Action Memory manager for Icom IC7000 is not working in HRD 
related to 0001330 closed 5 - Closed w/o Action Icom Memory management in HRD does not work 



2018-12-04 09:19


icom_memory_keyer.JPG (116,940 bytes)
icom_memory_keyer.JPG (116,940 bytes)


2018-12-04 10:16

viewer   ~0006523

I have never used this function but can now confirm G3YPP's observation with my IC-7610.


2018-12-15 12:34

administrator   ~0006657

Thanks for the clear report! The code was expecting a positive response from the radio twice in a row -- the radio, of course, only sends one.

Fixed with this checkin:


2018-12-18 02:20

viewer   ~0006698

Yes, it's fixed in .157 and working as it should. Thanks for quick fix.


2018-12-18 03:33

viewer   ~0006699

Also fixed for me in .157.

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