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00029641 - BacklogBugpublic2019-06-13 15:28
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Summary0002964: SMS Alarm function
DescriptionCustomer is indicating he wanted to use the would like to activate the SMS Alarm function.
Customer wants to be texted so he checks the SMS box Only that SMS engine is taken out

Additional InformationSimon had put that in when people used MODEMS to connect to the internet. With modems, there were dialers that could be used to call phones and send text messages. n but the tab is missing. My understanding is has never worked.

Yes it does, and most people now have e-mail on their cell phones, so they can receive the e-mail alerts from HRD.

HRD /Development needs to:
A: be able to make it work
B: remove the SMS option
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related to 0001539 closedWA9PIE Ham Radio Deluxe Fix or remove the SMS Alarm from the DX Cluster Alarms settings 



2018-12-04 15:35


SMS Alarm Missing.JPG (60,096 bytes)
SMS Alarm Missing.JPG (60,096 bytes)


2019-06-13 14:14

developer   ~0008062

In the team call on 2019-06-13, we decided to remove this feature completely.


2019-06-13 14:19

developer   ~0008067

In the 2019-06-13 team call, we agreed this was a maintenance issue.

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