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00029682 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Enhancementpublic2020-07-02 02:12
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Summary0002968: Rig Control: layout only allows for six drop-down controls
DescriptionThe top third of the radio view in Rig Control has an array of buttons, along with a few meters and a frequency display. The on/off buttons are configurable: they might be removed or added from a list of available features; their color can be changed, too. There's room for about

Drop-down buttons, if not hidden, appear in a single column on the right hand side of the view. There's only room for six, which is limiting because, as radios become more complex, it is useful to express more features in with drop-down buttons.

To add support for more drop-downs, the customization dialog has to become more flexible. There's a few things that need to happen, maybe more:

  • Find a way to enumerate the available drop-downs; this allows the unused ones to appear in the window so they can be dragged to an appropriate place

  • Sort out a good UI so that a user can place a drop-down where two buttons are. It would be nice if manual movement or re-ordering was kept to a minimum.

  • Make serialization of the settings work for the new (additional) layout.

  • Make settings serialization also convert from the old layout format.

Probably a few other things need to be sorted, too ... but I think this is an important fix because even mid-range radios have more than 6 settings which would benefit from having a drop-down to control the setting.
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