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Summary0002969: Rig Control: consider "selector" button style
DescriptionRig Control shows an array of buttons and sliders to control the radio. These work pretty well to emulate the radio's front panel, but I think another control woudl be uself: a selector button.

A selector button is small, like the presently available on/off buttons. It shows a small amount of text. When pressed, the button moves to the next mode of that setting. It probably changes its text to reflect that setting.

An example might be an "ATT" button, for attenuation. The button shows "ATT -6dB". When pressed, the radio is set to the next level of attenuation, maybe -12 db. The button now shows "ATT -12dB". Each press cycles the radio and the button's text to the next setting: "-12 dB", then "-15 dB", then "off", then "-3 dB", then back to "-6 dB".

Most radios already have buttons like this that cycle through a list of settings. What I describe here is exactly how the "ATT" button on the front panel of the FTDX 3000 works, for example.

This kind of button is smaller than a drop-down button, but doesn't allow the setting to be randomly selected; the user must cycle through to find their setting and can't pick it from a list. This button can represent states other than "on" or "off".
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