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0002970Ham Radio DeluxeEnhancementpublic2019-02-24 15:13
ReporterK7ZCZAssigned ToK7ZCZ 
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Product Version6.5.0.131 
Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.196 
Summary0002970: Rig Control: consider enhancing drop-down list buttons for mismatched response groups
DescriptionThe Rig control app shows up to 6 drop-down buttons which allow the selection of a setting from a list. The button, when not dropped-down, shows the current setting.

The button is implemented by declaring a command to send to the radio, a set of expected responses, and a correlated set of labels for the received responses.

This works for most settings on most radios. Some radios, however, don't cleanly map one command to one response for a single setting. The design of the code depends on this, and it just doesn't work for such settings. We should consider enhancing the drop-down code to optionally break the dependence between the list of commands, the list of settings, and the list of responses.
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ModuleRig Control
Testing Beta Successful


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2019-01-31 09:12

administrator   ~0007181

fixed with this checkin:


2019-02-02 22:15

administrator   ~0007228

I fully understand the change. I'm unable to understand what we need to do to test it, if it's rig dependent.

Can you help me?


2019-02-02 22:18

administrator   ~0007229

This issue fixes an abstract issue by implementing a feature to support it.
The related issues give concrete examples.


2019-02-03 19:27

administrator   ~0007252

Thanks. I'll close this one when the related items are confirmed.


2019-02-10 08:28

administrator   ~0007345

All related items are closed.

Closing this one.

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