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0002972Ham Radio DeluxeMaintenancepublic2019-11-08 02:31
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.244 
Summary0002972: Maintenance: remove HRDVistaAudio.DLL
DescriptionHRD ships HRDVistaAudio.DLL, which is a DLL that uses some audio APIs that apepared in Windows Vista (and newer).

We don't don't support OSes older than Vista anymore. (We don't even support Vista itself.) Thus, this DLL can be removed and the code folded in. We'd shiip one less DLL. Better yet, we'd execute the audio APIs only once ... code in the product does things "the old way" first, then calls this Vista library to do the same work again and discards the first results.
Steps To Reproduce1) Start DM780
2) Open the Logfile view
3) Note that all the audio devices on your machine were enumerated twice.

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2019-04-08 15:34

administrator   ~0007841

This checkin into the 6.7 branch:

removes HRDVistaAudio from the build. The code was used only by the CMixer class in DM780. A different copy-paste of CMixer existed in Rig Control, so that was removed, too. CMixer is replaced with a class named CAudioDeviceEnumeration which is a more accurate name. CADE includes the code that was previous in HRDVistaAudio, so now that second DLL is not necessary.

Lots of cleanup here around different call sites.

Just need to do a bit of work in Setup to erase the old DLL on upgrades, and to not install or look for the DLL ... or try to sign it, either.


2019-04-08 16:18

administrator   ~0007842

This checkin to the 6.7 branch removes HRDVistaAudio.DLL from the build script and the setup script.


2019-09-14 00:00

administrator   ~0008547

Validated (these devices are no longer enumerated twice)

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