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Summary0002983: Maintenance: some modules suppress dangerous warnings
The HRDStation, HRDManagerService, and Setup2 solutions have, in total, more than 100 invocations of the "#pramga warning(suppress" directive to turn off warnings.

Blindly turning off warnings without using them to improve the codebase actually does more damage because these directives hide potentially dangerous code from being tagged by the compiler in each build, or in speical static-analysis builds. The directives should probably be summarily removed, and we should start over with properly addresing Code Analyzer builds. Or, they should be visited and examined to determin their viability.
Steps To Reproduce

1) Load the HRD Solution
2) Search the entire solution for "#pragma warning(suppres"

BUG#1) About 105 total hits, none with comments indicating a solid reason for suppressing the error.

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related to 0003400 closedK7ZCZ Ham Radio Deluxe remove HRDManager and HRDManagerService from project 



2019-10-20 15:30

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HRDManager and HRDManagerServce have been removed from the project, which helps -- but HRDStation and Setup2 remain. They still needs to be cleaned-up

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