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Summary0002987: Rig Control: make sliders aware of context
A given setting in a radio might be dependent on other settings. For example, a radio might offer a filter that changes parameters depending on the transmission mode; or a particular setting might be disabled when another setting is enabled.

Presently, slider controls work by reading a setting from the radio and showing that setting in the slider. If the user changes the slider's position, commands are sent to the radio to adjust the setting the slider represents. We should consider enhancing the product to make sliders aware of context; they can disable or enable based on other settings; or change ranges or labels based on other settings.

One application of this feature is given in the related issue, involving the SH command (for filter width) on some Yaesu radios. Depending on mode, the filter setting might accept different ranges of values, have different defaults, or be completely irrelevant. A good, generic implementation of a context-aware slider control would enable robust emulation of the radio's front panel, and accurate descriptive control of the radio's features.

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