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0002988Ham Radio DeluxeEnhancementpublic2019-02-24 15:12
ReporterWA9PIEAssigned ToK7ZCZ 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.196 
Summary0002988: Add ability to save column widths in DX Cluster
DescriptionWe've had a number of requests to save column widths in the DX Cluster pane (similar to what was requested for the logbook pane).

Here is one such request:

(you can resize the columns, but the width is not persistent)
Steps To ReproduceResize country column so that it truncates some of the country name
Next spots come along and it resets the column width
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Testing Beta Successful



2018-12-13 21:57

administrator   ~0006623

The repro steps are about auto-sizing on each spot received. Is it desired ot make that an option?

The bug text and subject seem to describe persisting column width settings across runs of the product:

1) Start the Logbook
2) Connect a DX cluster
3) Set the column width
4) Close the Logbook
5) Open the Logbook again
BUG#1) Column width is reset

Do both need to be fixed? Just one?


2019-01-30 10:29

administrator   ~0007157

It's very unlikely that columns like WSI (C, B, M, S), LOTW, eQSL, DX CQ, DX ITU... as examples... will have contents below the column header that are wider than the header itself. As it stands, they are far too wide and they take up too much horizontal space. Other columns like DX Call, Spotter, and Comment (as examples) will have more variability (particularly Comment).

So, I think that the default behavior should be to have these columns expand to the the wider of the column header or the contents below the header and save this without prompting. If someone makes their country column narrow... that's fine. It should save without prompting. Just my 2-cents. Folks who were used to the way it worked before will think it went back to the way it was. This will also implement the request to save the column widths. It's a win-win.


2019-01-30 10:34

administrator   ~0007158

So it sounds like the desired implementation is to:

1) Initially default to an automatic size based on the header and the content
2) Allow the user to resize at will
3) Save the user's sizing preferences, and don't reset it.

Right? Is there a need to manually reset an automatic size?


2019-01-30 11:31

administrator   ~0007160

Yes, regarding the desired implementation.

Yes, I think we should have a resize button similar to what's in the logbook pane (called "Width" with opposite arrows). If this is what you mean by a "manual reset to an automatic size".


2019-01-31 15:00

administrator   ~0007183

fixed with this checkin:


2019-02-01 20:04

administrator   ~0007215


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