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0002997Ham Radio DeluxeMaintenancepublic2019-11-08 02:32
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.244 
Summary0002997: Website: Many no-TLS HTTP links on home page
DescriptionAs a best practice, we should use the https scheme for all links. The home page of the website has about a dozen links which don't use https.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open in a browser
2) View source of the page. In Chrome, this is with CTRL+U
3) Search for "http://"

BUG#1) There are about 12 matches, all indicating links from this page to others that use http instead of https
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2019-04-15 23:00

administrator   ~0007863

I've edited the header and footer in the UC theme to https for those links in the header and footer... as well as the alternate reference for

Two of the hamfests do not have certs on their pages. One of them (Pacificon) will resolve properly with https anyway, but leaves a "not secure" in the browser URL bar. The International DX Convention won't resolve if I change it to https. As a result, I've left it as http. If they get a cert, I can update that... or otherwise, I can just remove the show from the schedule.


2019-08-13 17:48

developer   ~0008398

There are still dozens of non-https links.

2) CTRL+U (usually, depends on your browser) to see source
3) Two or three http links remain


4) go to
5) View source
6) About a dozen http links, mostly to manufacturers.


2019-08-13 21:50

administrator   ~0008399

On there is one http link left. It's for the International DX Convention in Visalia, CA. I check this periodically. When I checked this time, a Google search revealed TWO different sites - on http and another https as follows:
These are two uniquely separate pages (no idea why). If you simply go to, then it redirects to

SO... with regards to that one, I'll use this new site

On the Features page:
- The ARRL doesn't have a cert for this page <a href="" target="_blank"> and it redirects to an unsecure page. That's about all I can do with that one.
- As for the manufacturers, I updated those to https and they work with the following exceptions:
-- ;resolves to an unsecure page
-- ;resolves to an unsecure page
-- ; will not resolve to a secure page; must either leave it as-is or remove it ;commented out for now
-- ; will not resolve to a secure page; must either leave it as-is or remove it ;commented out for now

With this, all the noted non-http references have been updated.


2019-08-13 21:51

administrator   ~0008400

Back to MB for validation.


2019-09-14 02:17

administrator   ~0008551

No response. Closing.

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