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00029981 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2020-02-08 13:32
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Summary0002998: Add support for Xiegu X5105
DescriptionCustomer asked for us to add the Xiegu X5105

My gut feeling is that this rig gets added by customers when we open this up to allow user-defined radios.
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ModuleRig Control
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2018-12-16 21:15

administrator   ~0006681

Is there another Mantis issue that tracks the work for "user-defined radios"? I don't know any details of it.

Because it sounds like a very substantail project and doesn't yet have much direction or documentation, I'd rather add support for new radios by adding them to the existing code base. Otherwise the support for new rigs is gated by work that's a long way off.


2019-03-16 20:06

administrator   ~0007690

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This radio is sold by MFJ. Seems it's getting some popularity, maybe due to its low price-point.


2019-03-21 21:40

administrator   ~0007721

Pretty good review in the April, 2019 QST magazine.


2019-03-24 23:08

administrator   ~0007731

I changed the priority of this to "low". I don't see us working on this until after we get the panadapter display out.


2019-05-29 00:29

updater   ~0007954

Other requests are coming in for other models like Xiegu G90
Ticket #113503


2020-02-08 13:32

administrator   ~0009584

Talking with a customer at Orlando, he told me if you setup the FT-9000 in Rig Control, it will work to control the Xiegu G90. Works almost 100%.

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