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Summary0003029: HRDSync.rtf documentation mentions HB9DRV, is outdated
DescriptionThe product installs to the "C:\Program Files (x86)\HRD Software LLC\Ham Radio Deluxe" directory a file named "HRDSync.rtf"

This file contains mentions of HB9DRV and his website, and has outdated content. It's not clear that the "sync" feature remains viable; perhaps it should be removed from the product, along with the documentation. If the feature remains, it should be cleaned up -- including updating this file for content and correctness.
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related to 0000520 acknowledged 1 - Backlog HRD Synchronizer does not work 



2019-01-03 23:18

administrator   ~0006876

The Synchronizer is a viable utility in HRD. It allows users who have transceivers which have very good transmit qualities but questionable receive quality and has CAT control capabilities to synchronize the TX frequency of their transceiver with a communications receiver, which also is capable of CAT control and has much better receiving quality.

Many hams have used the Synchronizer in some very ingenious ways to synchronize two different radios together, so, I would definitely say this is a viable utility. The current issue is that it worked in V5.x, but somewhere along the line the code got changed or corrupted in some way so it doesn't function as it was originally designed.


2019-06-16 11:15

developer   ~0008096

This issue isn't about rebuilding the Synchronizer feature; it's about the content of this file, specifically.

It's easy to place new content into the file, but I'm not the person who should be writing or editing that content because I'm completely unfamiliar with the feature.

It's possible that, if the feature changes or is removed, this file should be removed. Looks like Mantis 520 is being used to track the issues with the utility itself.


2019-10-20 16:16

developer   ~0008884

this was status == assigned, but was assigned to nobody. I'm resetting the status to "new"

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