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Summary0003042: Rig Control's Command Tester feature falsely reports comamnd errors
The Command Tester feature incorrectly reports errors from some commands.

Steps To Reproduce1) Fire up Rig Control
2) Don't connect to a radio; instead, skip the "Connect" dailoguse
3) Use the "Command Tester" command in the "Tools" menu.
4) Use the "Yaesu (New)" command set to connect to your Yaesu radio; I'm using an FT-991.
5) Set the raio to a CW mode; either CW USB or LSB is fine.
6) Use the "F/M-List" button to get to the soft menu
7) In the soft menu, find the page with the "APF" control on it.
8) Turn on the "APF" filter from the radio's soft menu.
9) Use the CAT Command Tester to issue the "FA;" command. It works fine; the frequency is reported and marked [OK].
10) Issue the "CO030021;" command to change the APF filter center frequency to -40 Hertz.

BUG#1) The command works; the radio shows "APF -40 Hz" as expected. But the Command tester reprots "[Error]".

11) Try again; issue the "CO030010;" command to change the APF filter to -150 hertz.

BUG#2) The command worked again because the radio shows "APF -150Hz" as expected. But the command tester again reports "[Error]".

Note that this has nothing to do with the APF feature of the radio (or the frequency reporting feature, LOL). I arbitrarily chose those commands because they were close at hand, and demonstrate that sometimes the status is correctly reported, and sometimes it is not.

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