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00030571 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2020-07-16 04:17
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Summary0003057: Rig Control would benefit from an expressive, formula-oriented mechanism for calculating distinct setting values
DescriptionRig Control is full of tables of radio commands. Some commands provide lists of choices; "Slow", "Medium", "Fast" AGC speeds, for example. With three choices over a non-numerical setting, it's practical and simple to directly replicate the list of choices.

However, some settings have wide ranges. CW Pitch on many Yaesu rigs, for example, is settable from 300 to 1050 hertz in 10-hertz increments. This is 76 choices. It would be nice to represent this list descriptively: "HZ" is a suffix, range of 0 to 75, offset of 300, step of 10. Then, we functionally compute Hertz = offset + step*setting; or setting = (Hertz-offset)/step.

As it stands now, we instead must manage a huge and cumbersome list of choices:

    RADIO_FTDX_991,			ADV_OPT_RW,		_T("Basic"),			_T(""),	_T("Key pitch"),				_T("KP-02"),			ADV_RANGE, 1, 0, 75, 1,	0,	_T(""),	_T(""),		
        _T("300 Hz,310 Hz,320 Hz,330 Hz,340 Hz,350 Hz,360 Hz,370 Hz,380 Hz,390 Hz,400 Hz,410 Hz,420 Hz,430 Hz,440 Hz,450 Hz,460 Hz,470 Hz,480 Hz,490 Hz,")
        _T("500 Hz,510 Hz,520 Hz,530 Hz,540 Hz,550 Hz,560 Hz,570 Hz,580 Hz,590 Hz,600 Hz,610 Hz,620 Hz,630 Hz,640 Hz,650 Hz,660 Hz,670 Hz,680 Hz,690 Hz,")
        _T("700 Hz,710 Hz,720 Hz,730 Hz,740 Hz,750 Hz,760 Hz,770 Hz,780 Hz,790 Hz,800 Hz,810 Hz,820 Hz,830 Hz,840 Hz,850 Hz,860 Hz,870 Hz,880 Hz,890 Hz,")
        _T("900 Hz,910 Hz,920 Hz,930 Hz,940 Hz,950 Hz,960 Hz,970 Hz,980 Hz,990 Hz,1000 Hz,1010 Hz,1020 Hz,1030 Hz,1040 Hz,1050 Hz"),

which is error-prone and tedious.

Let's enhance Rig Control's RadioOptions.cpp module to implement functional descriptions so that such tables aren't necessary.
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