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Summary0003063: Guidelines needed for design of Rig Control radio support
DescriptionRig Control provides a computer-based replicated UI for a physical radio. Radios have a plethora of different settings and modes with a wide variety of solutions for showing and controlling those settings and modes. This Mantis issue captures the work item of anaylsing and improving the translations of radio UIs into the Rig Control UI.

A review of the Rig Control app makes it clear that there is little consistency in the way that radios are supported. The team should develop a document which provides cohesive guidelines for how radios look when implemented in our Rig Control app.

The document should:

  • Address coverage. Which features of the radio are, or are not, included in Rig Control's representation of the radio?
  • Standardize naming. How are controls named and identified in Rig Control, compared to the radio's front panel or its documentation?
  • Guide implementation. Of the available features, there there can be multiple ways to represent a control or feature of a radio. Which should be used, and in which circumstances?
  • Inform enhancement. Are there features of radios which aren't adequately representable in Rig Control's user interface? What enhancemnts to Rig Control are necessary to make an ideal implementation?

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2019-01-13 21:46

developer   ~0006991

I have made a first cut at a style guide in the team's Google Docs area.

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