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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.194 
Summary0003082: IC-7610 Volt & Ampere values are wrongly displayed in Rig Control
DescriptionCustomer comment:
On the upper left corner of HRD Rig Control is some information: ALC, PWR, SWR and Squelch
But also VL: 18.5 and ID .0 in receive mode and VL 17.8 and 10,0 in ID.

I have look up the CI-V command list for ICOM IC-7610 that these numbers represent Volt and Current of the transceiver. Could you perhaps in the next version calculate the right Volt and Current?
It seems that the numbers represent 0.151 = 10 Volt and 0.211=16 Volt and 0077=10 amp, 0168=20 amp and 0241=30 amp.
Steps To ReproduceHook up the IC-7610 to Rig Control
Watch the values of the Voltage and Amp Meters compared with the values of those on the Radio screen itself when in Metering Mode.

Additional InformationTicket #497905
TagsIC-7610, ICOM
ModuleRig Control
Testing Beta Successful


related to 0002698 resolvedK7ZCZ IC-7300 Vd Inconsistency between radio and HRD Display 



2019-01-22 16:57

manager   ~0007061

Same problem as 2698 for the IC-7300. Icom seems to indicate a non-linear function between the reported value and the read quantity, but doesn't explain that mapping.


2019-02-14 21:47

manager   ~0007396

Same fix as 2698


2019-02-20 03:12

updater   ~0007452



2019-02-21 06:42

updater   ~0007465

Customer tells it is fixed but has also a question...
Thank you very much for your information. I have now installed the Beta Version and now it seems to work
quite good in transmit mode (Id and Vd. In receive mode the id is 0.0 even that it draws 1.7 A for the power supply but the Vd show the voltage.

You have implemented a new information OVF which must be Overflow I presume.....?


2019-02-21 09:53

administrator   ~0007477


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