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Summary0003084: Rig Control doesn't support default "SSB" mode for Yaesu FT-891
Some radios require more than one command to change modes, or show a different user interface than most radios when selecting modes. The FT-891 is one such example, which does both. It shows "SSB" mode as a selectable choice for the user, but discerns between "USB" and "LSB" in the display of the setting.

Rig Control doesn't support sending multiple commands to set (or read) a mode from its controls or programmatic interface, so it doesn't work too well with the FT-891. Rig Control also doesn't have good support for "SSB" mode, as it expects the radio and the user to explicitly discern between "USB" and "LSB".

We should decide how to address this issue carefully. While the radio's behaviour might seem odd and certainly is incongruent with the way that Rig Control is designed, forcing the radio to behave a certain way might actually be unexpected to users who are very familiar with the radio and expect this behaviour.

Additional Information
The Yaesu FT-891 is a compact, mobile HF tranceiver. To accommodate for the small size of the radio's display and front panel, Yaesu makes some design concessions for the way the radio works and is used. One such design choice influences the way the radio interacts with Rig Control.

That concession is this: the radio supports an "SSB" mode, which doesn't always explicitly differentiate between LSB and USB modes. The radio's mode setting allows only "SSB", and doesn't give the user explicit choice over USB or LSB.

This mode setting mechanism is described on page 29 of the regular (not advanced) manual:

1) Press and hold the "BAND" button on the radio.
2) After about a second, a mode setting display appears.
3) The VFO knob is used to select a mode. "SSB" is the only selectable mode; specific "USB" and "SSB" settings are not offered.

The radio does, however, display "USB" or "LSB" on the default tuning/VFO screen. The radio will automatically choose LSB or USB depending on the frequency band selected, and that setting is displayed there. The user can explicitly select a sideband with menu choice 11-07, called "SSB BFO". The choices for this setting are USB, LSB, or AUTO. Setting USB on 40 meters, counter to the default of LSB, means following these steps:

1) Press the "BAND" button
2) Use the VFO to select 40 meters
3) Wait for the radio to return to the VFO screen
4) Press and hold the "BAND" button
5) After about a second, the mode screen is shown.
6) Use the VFO knob to select "SSB".
7) Wait for the radio to return to the VFO screen
8) Press and hold the "F" button
9) In the menu list, select item "11-07" with the multi knob.
10) Press the multi-knob in.
11) Use the multi-knob to select "USB"
12) Press the "F" button to exit the setting

The radio returns to the VFO screen, showing a frequency in 40 meters and "USB" mode.

This seems pretty cumbersome, but it's the way the radio works from the touch screen. From the CAT interface, things are a bit different:

The "MA" command is used to set mode. "MD01" sets LSB and "MD02" sets USB. "MD0" retrieves the operating mode. "MD01" will set LSB regardless of the SSB BFO setting, and "MD0" will confirm that setting. However, if the radio was previously set USB, the VFO screen on the radio will not reflect the LSB setting and remain at USB. To users of Rig Control, this appears as a mismatch between the setting that Rig Control has made (and received back) from the radio, and what the radio actually displays.

The "IF" command can be sent to retrieve several operating parameters, including frequency, memory/VFO mode, clarifier settings, and so on. The radio's response to this command also includes the transmit mode, and that transmit mode follows the response given from "MD0" as above. That is, the "IF" command may also displays the CAT-selected mode even if the radio's front panel display shows a different mode.

It seems that the only way to explicitly set USB or LSB is to use both the MD command and a command to set the SSB BFO. To set USB mode, for example, we'd send "MD02" for USB, then "EX11070" to set the SSB BFO to "USB", as well.

Reading the mode similarly requires querying both the 11-07 menu setting and the value returned from the MD0 or IF commands.

The "auto" side band setting for SSB is also used for other modes. CW as the CW BFO setting at 07-07, the DATA mode has the DATA BFO setting at menu 08-12, and the RTTY mode has the RTTY BFO setting at menu 10-11. These all behave similarly, with the MD setting not following the displayed setting at the radio. The DATA and RTTY modes don't have "AUTO" BFO settings, and have only USB and SSB.

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