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00030951 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2019-01-25 00:27
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Summary0003095: Add a 10 minute QSO timer in the ALE to remind the operator to identify
DescriptionThe customer requests:

The Ham Timer many use and the one I think about something like it
being part of the logbook because of its minimal presence is:

The image attached shows it "docked" in the corner of my logbook screen is attached.

That is the program's "mini" view. Once in a qso or roundtable etc. I click on tools to start the timer
and then at 9 or 10 minutes (an option) my selected sound (from options) will sound.

I would have taken a screen shot of that phase, but therein is one issue with the timer...
I said docked but there is not a "stay on top" preference that I can find to let you
choose for the window...trying take a screenshot of that view is hard to do, but
not being able to keep on top is annoying beyond that.

Also not an option, but one that is available on the Ham Clock Android APP
is to set alarm to basically go off on "the tens" @, :10 :20 :30 etc.

What I envision is that since a clock can already be part of that ribbon view,
what if the timer's (if chosen to be enabled) tools/start/stop could be toggled
from right beside the clock? Options can be there or in the overall
config options.

My thought is that is needs to part of the logbook view. More often than not
the 2 "tasks" go hand-in-hand seems to me.

I hope this is helpful and thanks so much for asking and considering.

If this is something you decide to pursue, you probably
will come up with even better possibilities.

Thanks again and all the best!

Additional InformationBasically, this would begin when the TIME_ON begins... and would go off every 10 minutes until the QSO is saved and the ALE is closed.
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