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Summary0003104: Provide a way to configure keyboard shortcuts for buttons in Rig Control
DescriptionI think that Rig Control would benefit from the a feature that allowed the user to bind a keystroke combination to a button. Common actions would be settable to the user by their favorite key, and the keypress would activate any button they have configured. The W, A, S, and D buttons, for example, form an arrow on the keyboard. A user might configure A to tune down, D to tune up, S to go down a band, an W to go up. Of course, that's just an example: any setting might be possible CTRL+2 might send the second recorded CW message. CTRL+SHIFT+P might toggle the pre-amp. Since the user can configure whatever they'd like, they can set up their own preferences.

The feature could be implemented by adding a tab to the existing "Customize Layout" window in Rig Control. a Windows Hot Key Control (see ) could be used to accept the key bindings. We'd need logic to store and load the preferences, plus a good UI to show them to the user.
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