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Summary0003111: FT-891 IF shift can't be turned on or off using Rig Control
Rig Control doesn't offer a button to toggle IF shift setting on or off. Such a setting would emulate the radio's "SFT" soft-button on the front panel.
Steps To Reproduce1) Fire up Rig Control
2) Connect to the FT-891
3) Use the "View" menu to reach the "Customize" tear off, which has a "Customize layout" command
4) Select the "Layout" tab
5) CLick any button
6) In the customize dropdown, there's no choice that will turn the IF shift feature on or off.
Additional InformationNote that the documentation for the radio is incorrect. The IF shift feature is enabled or disabled with an extra, undocumented character in the "IS" command.

Set Command = "ISabcdddd"

   a = 0, always
   b = 0 to turn IF shift off or 1 to turn IF shift off
   c = + or - sign. send + with 0000
   dddd = four-digit frequency offset "-1000" for -1000 hertz, "+0030" for +30 hertz
Get command = "IS0"

Get response = "ISabcdddd"

   parameters are as above
TagsFT-891, Yaesu
ModuleRig Control
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Ticket #213820 related?

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