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Summary0003112: FT-891 IF shift range isn't correct; can't be controlled from Rig Control
Rig Control's emulation of the FT-891 IF-shift setting doesn't have a correct range. The radio's setting moves from -1200 hertz to +1200 hertz. Rig Control only shows +/- 1000 hertz.

Rig Control can't be used to set the IF shift frequency.
Steps To Reproduce
1) Fire up Rig Control
2) Make sure the "IF shift" slider is visible
3) tap the "F" button on the radio to enter the function menu
4) repeatedly press "F" to find the "function-1" menu
5) Use the Multi knob to select the "SFT" choice
6) Press the Multi knob to activate the "SFT" choice
7) Rotate the multi knob left until the radio shows "-1200Hz"

BUG#1) Rig control shows only -1000 Hz.

8) Rotate the multi knob right until the radio shows "+1200Hz"

BUG#2) Rig control shows only +1000 Hz.

TagsFT-891, Yaesu
ModuleRig Control
Sub-ModuleRadio Support
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