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Summary0003114: FT-891 sliders aren't numbered consistently
DescriptionThere's some concern that sliders for Yaesu radios should; be numbered with the same menu number that the radio uses in order to make them easy to find. If we decide to do this, we should do it uniformly. See Mantis 3063 for the issue tracking naming conventions in Rig Control.

When 0003063 is resolved, then we should consider fixing the Rig Control sliders for the FT-891. The radio uses a four-digit numbering scheme for its settings, where the menus are broken into groups. "05-03", for example, identifies the third menu in the fifth group. That setting happens to be "NB LEVEL", but the corresponding Rig Control slider uses the name "025 NB Level".

All of the sliders for the FT-891 are numbered with three digits rather than the page-number groupings that the radio actually uses.

Steps To Reproduce
1) Start Rig Control. Connect to the FT-891.
2) Hold the "F" button to display the individual settings menu
3) Find setting "05-03"; it's "NB LEVEL"
4) Find the corresponding slider in the rig control's layout customization dialog

BUG#1) it is labeled "025 NB Level". Should be "NB Level" if we don't use menu nubmers, or "05-03 NB Level" if we do use menu numbers. Or, maybe 3063 recommends something else entirely.

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related to 0003063 new Guidelines needed for design of Rig Control radio support 


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