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0003125Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2020-02-05 00:15
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Summary0003125: QSOs with stations that aren't in a valid DXCC country show up in the awards totals for a country and should not
DescriptionQSOs with stations with a /MM suffix are maritime mobile stations and they should not count towards a country.

Over the years, there have been many reports of this. This is the latest report:

For example, if a QSO is with a station with a callsign of FT5WQ/MM was operating from a boat and outside the boundaries of a country. This QSO should not count for any DXCC country. Per the ADIF standards, it should count for "None" with a DXCC numeric value of 0 (zero).

We need to add the DXCC Country of "None" and assign it DXCC=0.

Besides /MM, there may be other suffixes that should map to "None".

This should be factored into updates to callsign lookup and needs to apply to the DX cluster pane.

(On a related note - DX clusters use a suffix of /QQ to designate it as a "Pirate" station. This should also go into the "none" bucket.)
Steps To ReproduceOpen Logbook
Login to a DX cluster (like WA9PIE-2)
Dropdown "Show" to "Console"
Send the following command to the cluster from the command field in the upper left: "sh/dx RA0LQ/MM" without the quotes and hit "Enter"
You'll see that the cluster shows these incorrectly as "Asiatic Russia (UA9)"
Right-click the spot and select "New ALE Window" to the log. It incorrectly shows up as "Asiatic Russia (UA9)"
In both cases, it should say, "None".
Additional InformationThere's some work we need to do here with the Country List to accommodate this for logging and import/export.

I can add the country ("None") into the Country List and try to identify the adverse impacts of doing so. Then we can fix them.
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related to 0003598 closedDOUG Callsign lookup is not honoring callsign prefixes 



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