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00031261 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2019-01-27 16:20
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Summary0003126: Add option to ignore a QSO for specific awards
DescriptionCustomers have QSOs in their logbooks that have been denied credit for one award (like DXCC), but accepted for another (CQ DX). As such, we need to add an option in the ALE awards tab to ignore for specific awards.

NOTE: The QSL status of "Ignore" does not satisfy this need because it is not award specific.
Steps To ReproduceSee ticket:

See screenshots attached mocking this up.

A given QSO could only have one box checked for a given award. In other words - if Ignore is checked for DXCC Mixed, then Submitted or Granted could not be checked. [The current state correctly prevents users from checking both Submitted and Granted for the same award for a given QSO.)
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2019-01-27 16:20


IgnoreForAward.png (76,189 bytes)
IgnoreForAward.png (76,189 bytes)

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